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A great choice of land in established estates across both sides of the border.  Close to all major facilities, our estates provide the home and lifestyle opportunities you've always wanted. Compare our prices today.

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Rural living close to town to suit your lifestyle choice, or properties with future development potential, the Corporation has a great selection of land to meet all your needs.

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For all your commercial and development needs, the Corporation has a variety of serviced industrial lots, developable residential land and developable industrial land.

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Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation to Close

The Minister for Finance has announced that the Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation (Abolition) Bill 2014 has passed through the Parliament which will allow the Government to wind-up the Corporation by 31 December 2014 with the remaining property management functions to be consolidated with the Department of Finance.

  • To view the Minister’s Media Release click here.

  • To view a copy of the Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation (Abolition) Bill 2014 click here.

  • To view a copy of the Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation (Abolition) Bill 2014 Explanatory Memorandum click here.

The Corporation is continuing to work closely with the Department of Finance towards an orderly wind-up and transition of responsibilities to the Department.

The Corporation will not be entering into any new arrangements for the sale of land.  However with respect to existing arrangements such as where agreement has been reached with purchasers for the sale of specific properties, deposits taken or contracts issued, the Corporation will work with those parties to bring those dealings to finalisation.

These matters will be finalised in accordance with the Corporation’s existing operating principles.