Hume Gardens - Albury

Hume-GardensSurrounded by beautiful ranges, journey into an estate of contemporary excellence – Hume Gardens Estate is committed to innovative design.

Wander through the Crawford Circuit parklands to take advantage of the water feature, playgrounds and community barbecue facilities. Or, for the more adventurous, the extensive trails along the ridge provide walking and running tracks and stunning views.

Hume Gardens is just minutes from schools, shops and services, yet still maintains the quiet ambience of the surrounding hills.

Location and Price

Last updated: 11 April 2014

Hume Gardens Stage 1 See plan of available lots »
Lot 102 Hartwig Avenue ON HOLD $90,000 500m2 Street map
Lot 103 Hartwig Avenue ON HOLD $106,000 756m2 Street map
Lot 104 Hartwig Avenue CONTRACT ISSUED $92,000 565m2 Street map
Lot 117 Emma Way CONTRACT ISSUED $98,000 689m2 Street map
Lot 119 Emma Way ON HOLD $90,000 492m2 Street map
Lot 120 Hartwig Avenue ON HOLD $92,000 536m2 Street map
Hume Gardens Stage 2 See plan of available lots »
Lot 218 Chad Terrace CONTRACT ISSUED $105,000 606m2 Street map
Lot 219 Chad Terrace $102,000 588m2 Street map
Lot 220 Chad Terrace CONTRACT ISSUED $102,000 550m2 Street map
Lot 221 Chad Terrace CONTRACT ISSUED $102,000 563m2 Street map
Lot 226 Emma Way CONTRACT ISSUED $103,000 633m2 Street map
Hume Gardens Stage 3 See plan of available lots »
Lot 301 Emma Way ON HOLD $100,000 704m2 Street map
Lot 302 Emma Way $106,000 798m2 Street map
Lot 303 Emma Way $107,000 840m2 Street map
Lot 304 Emma Way $109,000 910m2 Street map
Lot 305 Emma Way $108,000 884m2 Street map
Lot 306 Emma Way $107,000 873m2 Street map
Lot 309 Emma Way $105,000 1317m2 Street map
Lot 311 Emma Way ON HOLD $112,000 1195m2 Street map
Hume Gardens Stage 4 See plan of available lots »
Lot 421 Union Road $130,000 2353m2 Street map

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